Comprehensive Assessment

I conduct comprehensive psychological assessments for school-age children and young adults, with an emphasis on developing practical solutions.


We begin by collaborating on a comprehensive assessment which produces clear goals.  We then use a combination of evidence based treatments to help you realize your goals.

Research and Statistics

From passing the class to thesis defense to real-world scientific, business, and healthcare applications, I can do the math, or help you learn how to do it yourself.

Results Matter

My purpose is to help you reach the goals we set together.  I utilize a variety of evidence based approaches along with years of practical and clinical experience to design an individualized plan to support you in reaching your purpose.  Results matter!  Together, we will produce real progress toward your best life.

Foundational Values

I believe in honesty.  Telling the truth about ourselves and the world is the beginning of the solution to every problem.  I believe in integrity. My capacity as a clinician is directly related to how consistently I live my values in my personal and professional life.  I believe in respect.  Everything that should be said can be said kindly and directly; we are all persons of value.  I believe in ethics.  Right and wrong are real categories; however, they apply to actions and not to people.